4-Pack Young Scientists Club STEAM Kits

  • One of each kit, suitable for lab assistants ages 5 and up
  • Harvard graduates, scientists, and educators put their heads together to have your own young scientist do all kinds of wacky activities
  • More STEM goodness than your local florist!
  • Model: WH-925-1167, WH-925-1168, WH-925-1165, WH-925-1166, where the WH stands for “Wa-Hoo, Science Rules!”
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The Literal Arts Major

Alright, now listen up, you little hooligans! We’re learning about four cornerstones of science today. Trust me, you’ll be using the information I teach you here for the rest of your life! That’s right, it’s just like cursive and long division.

Now, the important subjects of today’s lesson are, NUMBER ONE: space. Pretty self explanatory. See, there’s a space between every word I just said. Can’t get away from them. Well, youcanbutthenitjustlookslikeagarbledmess,youknow?

NUMBER TWO: tiny things. We’re gonna look at some atoms, at some DNA, at some salt crystals. Why’s the salt on my desk pink? Well, I used up all the normal stuff on you guys’ supplies, so I had to dumpster dive some damaged salt lamps from the back of the local Home Goods… just kidding, it’s special salt. Science salt for sciencing.

NUMBER THREE: explosions. Sorry, EXPLOSIONS. Get good with those and you’ll nab yourself a fantastic contract from the military. Or a promising future as a bank robber. Or as the pyrotechnics operator at a Metallica concert. Maybe all three? I don’t know, they all will have booths at the career fair next Wednesday.

Last but certainly not least, NUMBER FOUR: bubbles. Yeah. Bubbles are pretty cool. I should know, I work with them every day!

Now, who’s ready for some science? I know I am… ah shoot, it’s the principal and your teacher. Well, later kids, back to the janitor’s closet for me!

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