4-Pack: Paradise Low Voltage Outdoor Integrated LED Landscape Floodlights

  • 350 lumens of light each to illuminate your garden at night
  • LEDs don’t use nearly as much power as halogen bulbs
  • Just stake them in and adjust the swivel heads
  • Light up your house, your plants, your life!
  • Does it come in Georgia Red: buddy, if you buy 'em, you can paint them whatever color you want
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A Well-Lit Space

Congratulations! On that big renovation project! Adding a whole new room to your house! Wow, that’s impressive!

What do you mean, you don’t know what we’re talking about? You know! That big room in the back? With the really high ceilings? And the weird carpet that’s always a little dirty, and a little wet in the morning, that needs to be tended to not with a vacuum but another machine entirely? The one with the temperature control issues, and the iffy sprinkler system that sometimes just starts dumping water on you? Oh, and it has all that great natural light during the day!

Okay, maybe “room” is the wrong word. Maybe it’s more of a “backyard.”

The point is: it is a time of expansion.

You spend the cold months hermit-ing out in your house, drinking warm beverages under blankets, watching seven straight hours of television with the volume turned up to drown out the howling wind battering your windows. And then summer rolls around, and suddenly it’s like you’ve got all these new spaces to occupy comfortably: porches, decks, and yes, yards.

The only problem? It’s hard to get the ambiance just right. Yes, as we mentioned, there’s plenty of light during the day. And yes, the sun staying up beyond 3:30 in the afternoon is super nice. But it still sets eventually. And when it does, all that gardening and yard work you’ve been doing–all the trimming and pruning and planting and watering and mowing you’ve been working so hard at–it just… disappears.

Unless, that is, you’ve got these LED Landscaper Floodlights.

It’s simple: you stake these things into the ground, you adjust the simple swivel heads to point at whatever flowers or bushes or architectural features you want to highlight, and you set the dusk-to-dawn timer. Boom. Now, you’ve got some nice mood lighting for the evening hours.

Added bonus: you can sit outside after sundown and not wonder so much about what that rustling was, or if those two dots you just saw were two lightning bugs close together, or the eyes of a mountain lion making its silent approach through the dark.

Wow, that got a little creepy there. So let’s go back to the fun tone: get these lights and enjoy the beauty of your yard all night long!

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