4-Pack: Mophie 6000mAh USB-C or Lightning Power Banks

  • 6000mAh of phone-charging power
  • Choose between USB-C and Lightning
  • I almost typed “lightening”
  • I do that constantly
  • And every time I do, I feel terribly embarrassed
  • But why am I typing the word “lightening” so much in the first place?
  • Wait, ugh! Fuck!
  • Anyway, some power banks from a good battery company!
  • Model: D0NT-CH3W-W1TH-YR-M0PHULL
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Very Necessary

Do you really need a power bank?

Sure, maybe if you’re lugging a bunch of gear into the woods for a research project, having some backup charge is a good idea. Same goes for if you’re in the path of some big, power-line-downing storm.

But a lot of us spend most of our days in close proximity to one functional outlet or another. When we’re home, obviously there are places to plug stuff in. At work, there’s probably an outlet or two somewhere nearby. And these days, it seems that airports are more replete than ever with charging ports of all kinds.

For this reason, the answer to that initial question would seem like “no.”

And that’s really a problem with the framing, one that we’re guilty of ourselves. Because with power banks, it’s not about outlets. It’s about your phone.

At this point, it goes without saying that your phone is more than just a phone. It’s your connection to the outside world. And it’s your source of news. And it’s your podcast player. And it’s your radio. And it’s your notepad. And it’s your weather report. And it’s your book of recipes. And it’s your portable gaming device.

We could go on and on. Point is, you use your phone for a lot of stuff.

Which makes it all the more ridiculous that you’re expected to plug it into some far-flung wall and just leave it there for, like, an hour or however long it takes to fully juice up. No way. Not gonna happen. You’re definitely gonna unplug that thing for something and then forget to hook it back up, resulting in that 10% battery warning popping up twenty minutes into a four-hour flight, or five minutes into a one-hour bus ride, or what have you.

Which is okay. You shouldn’t feel bad about that. Because it’s actually impossible to manage your phone’s charge. That’s why power banks exist. Like these ones from Mophie. They’re good, we promise.

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