4-Pack: Men's Long Sleeve Tees (Classic, Wicking, Waffle-Knit)

  • Choose between classic cotton-blend, moisture wicking, and waffle-knit styles
  • Wear them as a base layer or on their own
  • 'Tis the season! (To be cold)
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  • What about short sleeve shirts with super cute designs on them: if that’s what you’re looking for, consider heading over to Mediocritee
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Full Arm Coverage

Yesterday, it was 70 degrees where I live. Today, it began in the 60s and will end somewhere in the 40s before the sun goes down. Tomorrow, the high is in the low 30s. According to my weather app, it will remain this way for at least a week. Beyond that, there will likely be some unseasonably warm days and some colder-than-expected days before we settle into the frigidity of a Midwestern January and February.

What I’m getting at is that the seasons are never as cut-and-dry as they seem when we’re looking forward to or thinking back on them.

And that’s why you should have some long sleeve shirts.

There will be days in the coming weeks that are cool, but not so cold that you want to wear a sweater.

There will be days in the coming weeks that are cold enough for the sweater, but you’ll be outside playing flag football or hiking or doing something where you won’t be so hot that you can strip down to short sleeves but also you’ll be too warm for an outer layer.

And then there will be days in the coming weeks where it doesn’t matter how many layers you wear; it’ll simply be too cold for s short-sleeved base.

This is why you should have some long-sleeved shirts around. But the reason you should buy some new ones is actually even simpler. The long-sleeved shirts you already have look terrible.

Yes, it’s a bold proclamation, but we feel confident making it and not because of you. It’s just the nature of long-sleeved shirts. An old, ratty tee? Not high fashion, but you can get away with it. The wear-and-tear gives it some character. But an old, ratty long-sleeved shirt? Maybe it’s just too much fabric? Maybe it’s something else. Either way, you know we’re right. There’s just something entirely unappealing about a crummy old baggy long-sleeved shirt.

So get a fresh 4-pack today, and re-up your winter wardrobe.

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