4-Pack: Atomi Smart WiFi LED Sconce Lights

  • 16 million colors (too much choice) or just classic white ranging from warm 2000K to 6500K daylight (nice and easy)
  • Use the app to set a schedule, change the color, or control them with your voice via a voice assistant
  • IP65 Weather-resistant for outdoor use
  • Each sconce is 12" tall and 4.25" in diameter
  • People like them on YouTube and Reddit
  • Can they make a margarita: We’d say no, but we’ll let @Snapster give it a try…
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They're Lamps! (but not actually)

What we have here is a 4-pack of some rad wall sconces! They’re sturdy (not plastic) and they’re smart (which means you can use an app to make them turn all sorts of cool colors). In other words, you can mount them to an outside wall and they’ll provide a bit of ambiance.

That’s about all!

Or… is it?

That’s the question our intrepid CEO @snapster set out to answer. Are these things just some wall sconces? Or could you combine two of them to make a RAD STANDALONE LAMPS?!

That’s right; our beloved @Snapster is not merely an e-commerce wizard; he’s also an amateur inventor!

Why, just last week, he created something called The Caviar Cannon. And yes, it was just a Super Soaker filled with (you guessed it) caviar. And yes, he now brings it to meetings to “reward good ideas.” And yes, he does send a bill for the caviar he sprays you with.

But still, we appreciate the passion for innovation!

Anyway, all you really need to turn a couple of these sconces into a lamp is a knife, one of these cables, and some of these included little electro-nubbins that look like this:

First step is to take the little back things off, like this:

Then, take the cable we linked to above and straight up cut it:

Turns out there are colors in there!

Once you get those colors stripped, you can start to twist them into the nubbins…

…until you have something like this going on.

(At this point, employees are starting to think, So, this is why his calendar is always blocked off?)

It’s time to stop using your knife to cut cables, and start using your knife to cut plastic…

…until you’ve got a little hole on each sconce.

Tie that cable in a knot.

Hide it.

Put those metal things back on.

And put them together somehow (we were provided only photos).

That’s about it! Now you have a cool lamp-thing that looks a lot like what happens when two wall sconces love each other very much. But seriously, it’s pretty rad.


So there you have it! They’re not just sconces! They can also be lamps!

(But let us be clear: you should probably just use these as sconces.)

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