4-Pack: Antoni Barcelona Wine Glasses

  • Your choice of four stemmed wine glasses or four stemless wine glasses.
  • Cool stained glass design.
  • Fashionable high quality from Antoni Barcelona Glass, the illest in the glass game (or so we’ve heard).
  • Can it make a margarita? It can make a margarita wish it was in a proper margarita glass.
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To each their own.

Before we get into today’s deal, a quick thought experiment.

Clear your mind. Now picture…an elephant. Got it? Really imagine it.

Without losing track of that elephant image, we’re going to do a second one. This time…a shovel. Can you see it? Remember it.

Last one. Here it comes. Final image…a wine glass. Can you see it? Of course you can. Great job.

Now let’s review.

For that elephant you imagined, bring it back to the front of your mind. Did it have…a trunk? Great.

Now on to the shovel. We’re going to go out on a limb here. But did your shovel have a long handle part and a flat diggy part? Bueno.

Finally, the wine glass. Did it have the bowl where the wine goes, a base so that it stands up, and a stem connecting the two? Of course if fucking did, because THAT’S WHAT A WINE GLASS IS.

Deep breath.

Because that’s what a wine glass is.

But today we have something called a stemless wine glass, which is a concept that directly contradicts the very nature of the thing it’s supposed to be. You know what another word for “stemless wine glass” is? “Glass” comes to mind. Regular-ass, stemless glass. Like you would use for your milk, maybe.

No wonder this nonsense is on here today.

So yeah.

If you’re open to trunkless elephants, maybe a four-pack of these stemless wine glasses will be right up your alley, on par with other brilliant ideas like coffee mugs with no handles and guest towels that no one is supposed to use.

And while we’re sure somebody out there is already down in the comments pointing out how stemless wine glasses are way more stable and less likely to spill, may we simply retort that you should probably either be more careful or drink your wine out of an old mason jar like the rest of us.

We actually found this product so offensive that the only way we were willing to make it available is if they also gave us a bunch of actual wine glasses to offer alongside.

So there you have it.

Your choice of four dumb stemless wine glasses or four elegant proper ones. In either case, it turns out that the quality is super high and they each have a unique stained glass look to them which will really elevate your wine serving, even if you opt for the idiotic ones.

Bah. Who are we to judge? Get what you want. The stemless ones would be dope for cookies and milk.

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