4-Pack: Adult Party Games

  • Four appropriately inappropriate games to enjoy with the friends you actually like
  • Not for the prude or playing with your neighbors
  • It’s basically Bridge Night for a new generation
  • Model#: D1CK-J0K35
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There’s an awkward stage as you start to get older. You eventually get your act together enough to have respectable gatherings at home without so much as a beer pong table in sight. Maybe you even get yourself a nice cornhole set thinking it will scratch that beer pong itch. (It doesn’t.)

Sure, eventually you might get a lot of satisfaction from sitting around drinking medium-expensive wine and then maybe getting really crazy with a cigar out back.

But in the meantime, just because you have a mortgage and can’t do a proper keg stand anymore doesn’t mean that you also want to give up on some of the simple pleasures of early stage middle age, like making play-dough dick jokes and betraying your spouse by admitting what they did for the first time in a public hot tub at Best Western.

So yeah.

Party games.

Adult-themed ones.

And by “adult” we mean adult as in “sexy fun for adults only,” not adult as in “act like an adult for a change, you fucking disaster.”

Anyway, today’s deal gives you four games, with every one being a sure thing for livening up your adult-minded gatherings.

Here’s what you get:

“The Sweet & Spicy Truth” is basically truth or dare, minus the dare part. Oh, and the game actively wants to embarrass everyone involved.

“It’s Blunderful” is all about exploring how your friends would react in different situations. It’d make for a great corporate ice breaker game, except it definitely wouldn’t.

“M.A.S.H.” is basically an adult themed commercialized version of that game people used to play in grade school, because millennial nostalgia is a multi-billion dollar industry.

And finally, “Dirty Dough” will 100 percent lead to someone making a little clay dick, and that’s fun.

The bottom line here is that there’s a LOT of entertainment value here for your $25.

Just remember that if things get real crazy and someone starts coordinating something involving everyone putting their car keys in a decorative bowl and then passing it around, we sometimes have complementary deals over at SideDeal.

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