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360Fly 360-Degree HD Action Camera (refurbished) with 5-Piece Accessory Bundle

  • You get the 360FLY 360-Degree HD Action Camera and 360 accessories.
  • Okay, maybe more like 5 accessories.
  • A tripod grip, a tripod adapter, a POV pole, a floating handgrip, and a VR viewer.
  • Yowza, that’s a lot of stuff (compared to when we’ve sold this with less stuff)!
  • Model: There are many, many model numbers here, so we’re just going to call the bundle: 1. That’s right. This is 360FLY camera-and-bundle number 1. Because why the hell not.
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Children, Pay Attention

When I was in college, I took a film class. One of my fellow students wanted to make a video where the camera did the thing it does in that scene in Children of Men. You know the one: they’re driving along, and things get crazy, and the whole time the camera never breaks shot, just keeps going from the front seat to the back seat, the motion super fluid, beautiful and also terrifying at the same time.

He showed the scene, which was not without its own bit of controversy, because it’s a major scene in the movie, and although it comes early, it has some serious spoilers (which we won’t reveal now, except to say that it’s not something you expect to happen, given her billing in the movie).

And you might think: who cares about spoilers when the movie came out more than a decade ago? Like, seriously, the movie’s so old that, were it a child, it would probably roll its eyes and look at its phone a lot and mumble, “whatever” and then do a Fortnite dance but with just enough ironic detachment that no one could ever accuse it of sincerely enjoying itself.

Which is fair. But mind you, this was when I was in college, which was much closer to when the movie came out.

Anyway, the answer to how they managed to get all those cool, wild angles was that they essentially took the roof of the car and installed a number of tracks, on which a remote controlled camera could ride. (I think. I don’t totally remember.) In other words, there was no way to replicate it in an introductory film class, because it had cost millions of dollars.

Then again, this was in 2006. Considering our advances in camera technology, would it be possible to mimic that effect today, using something like this 360FLY 360-Degree HD Action Camera (and its included accessories)?

The answer is no. It wouldn’t be. But it does look pretty cool. Just watch this:

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