36-Pack: Frookits Dark or Milk Chocolate Covered Fruit (90oz, 5.6lb)

  • Delicious real fruit covered in delicious chocolate
  • Choose dark or milk chocolate, or some of each!
  • Probiotics all around
  • Model: G0-FR00K-Y0UR53LF
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The life-changing magic of frooking it up

We’re not sure that when they named Frookits they were aiming to capture the flippant ambition of “Fuck it” combined with the unsettling ambiguity of “Froot Loops,” but damned if they didn’t nail it.

If Nike’s “Just Do It” captured the spirit of a generation of athletes, “Frook It” is here for a new generation entirely, when the world makes no sense and nothing matters.

At a time when kids are unboxing toys on YouTube for an eight-figure income and your neighbor just bought a Ferrari with a “DOGE” license plate, it just might be time to say “Frook It” and launch that mobile app you dreamed up mid-pandemic. Maybe you dismissed the idea at the time because of some quaint notion that you need things like “talent” or “useful products” to get rich anymore, but honestly—frook that.

YOLO your income taxes into being a crypto millionaire. Make Tinder for house cats. Vlog your dumb ass learning to skateboard at age forty.

That’s what frooking it looks like.

Oh and frooking it also apparently looks like a five and a half pound of chocolate covered fruit goodness. $24 if you’re getting it from us.

So just like in the mid-90s it was technically illegal in several states to be radical and/or extreme without first slugging 12 ounces of hyper-caffeinated soda, you should definitely knock back a handful of Frookits every time you frook it.

And no, you don’t have to be a disillusioned millennial trying to turn two foodservice jobs and a college degree into luxuries like rent and food to embrace frookit culture, but it does help. Regardless, these little guys are delicious whether or not you decide to build a lifestyle around them.

Several fruits to choose from, dark or milk chocolate options, and a killer deal on 36 packs.

Frook it. Just order some.


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