3-Pack: Statik 360 Pro 100W Universal Magnetic Charge Cable (6')

  • These solve for every quirk the last ones had:
  • Much stronger magnetic tips (USB-C, Lightning & Micro USB)
  • Swivel ends so they won’t immediately get pulled off
  • They support data transfer, so they work for Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • The input can be USB-A or USB-C
  • Best of all, they don’t light up, at all!
  • Sadly they still can’t help much with margaritas
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Better Version

So, to recap the last time we sold something LIKE this, the reason to buy these are simple: everything, including the iPhone, is moving to USB-C. That means, soon, you won’t need lightning cables. As always, though, these transitions don’t happen overnight. There will follow a time when you have some lightning stuff and some USB-C stuff, and keeping track of a bunch of different cables will quickly become a nightmare.

Hence, you want cables with interchangeable tips. Like these.

Now, you’ll notice that, above, we said we’ve sold something LIKE this before. We capitalized (and bolded [and italicized]) ‘LIKE’ because we want to be clear: these are NOT the cables we sold last time. There’s a reason those cost something like 2 bucks a pop and this is a 3-pack for about $30. Or, actually, there is not a single reason. There are several:

Reason #1: These can be used to charge and transfer data. The other ones were only charging cables.

Reason #2: You can choose USB-A or USB-C for your input. (Like last time, your output options are USB-C, lightning, and micro-USB, because, ugh, you probably still have a few things that run on that too! Why is everything so STUPID?!)

Reason #3: In the last sale, we went out of our way to really hammer home that the magnets on the tips were not very strong so you could adjust your expectations accordingly. The magnets on these, meanwhile, are very strong. Like, strong enough to leave them and not worry about them coming off, making them better for travel. Additionally, these cables come with a holder that’ll keep the tips together. You can loop the cord around it too.

Reason #4: These do NOT light up. Which, if you ask us, is some amazing next-level marketing. You introduce an annoying feature and then remove it for the premium version of your product, as though you weren’t the one who added in the first place. Maybe we should do that with Meh. Like, basic Meh users get a terrible cursive font whereas members just get the normal whatever the hell basic-ass typeface this is. Something to think about, @Dave.

In conclusion, these are better cables than those other cables. In fact, on the company’s website, one sells for about $23. So get them. We know you’ll use them.

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