3-Pack: Sonicket Sonic Toothbrushes with Optional Extra Brush Heads

  • 22,000 strokes per minute ain’t so bad!
  • Maybe not enough to replace your sonic toothbrush at home, but great for travel
  • You can get them with or without the extra EXTRA heads
  • (Get the extra heads)
  • Model: 1T5-R34LLY-H4RD-T0-54Y-50N1CK3T
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Travel Toothbrushes

Curious to learn more about this product? Here’s its website!

If you click that link, you’ll notice a couple things. First, there’s a banner on top for the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Meaning, this company is defunct. Now, on the one hand, that’s too bad. But on the other, it’s great. Because we can offer these for super cheap. (Also, a bonus for us: defunct electric toothbrush companies are less likely to baselessly accuse us of larceny.)

Another thing you’ll likely notice, once you scroll past the pictures, is this little bit of text:

Sonicket is an ultra light weight portable sonic toothbrush. Its small brush head has been specially crafted to clean hard to reach places that normal brushes cannot reach. Top it off with fashionable design to keep you looking your best. Perfect for an on the go lifestyle.

Underneath that are a few key specs: only weighs 1.24 ounces; is capable of a very respectable 22,000 brush strokes per minute; and works with just the push of a button.

Now, this is annoying. Why? Because we like to be the ones to do this!

We like to use our super low price to set reasonable expectations about a product, all while rolling our eyes at the grandiose promises made by its official marketing material. But Sonicket just couldn’t let us have that fun, could they? No! They refused to make bogus claims about these being powerful enough to polish the dirtiest of elephant tusks in mere seconds, or how you should throw away your bigger, bulkier Philips sonic toothbrush because you wouldn’t be needing it anymore.

Instead, they laid out the clear-eyed, straightforward case: these are good electric travel toothbrushes.

Because that really is the thing about electric toothbrushes, isn’t it? They’re superior to the post-dental-appointment freebie in every way… except portability. And even though many come with nice protective travel cases, it’s still risky to lug something so valuable around. After all, the last thing you want is to be out $150 because you left your LaserClean5000 on the bathroom counter at the Best Western.

Forget one of these somewhere and the loss is considerably lower. You can get a 3-pack today for $12. Or a three-pack with extra heads for $15. That means the extra heads are just $3, which sounds like a good deal even before you consider the labor of finding replacement parts for a toothbrush whose website is, again, only accessible through the Wayback Machine.

Either way, though, it’s a good deal for a fine toothbrush that’ll allow you to travel a little lighter. So order some, and we’ll ship them to you way quicker than those other portable electric toothbrushes we sold that time.


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