3-Pack: Mophie Powerstation Plus 12W 4,000mAh Charger with USB-C Cable

  • They’re power banks with USB C cables attached
  • Not intended for iPhones or non-USB C devices
  • Fast-charging, compact, and you get three of them
  • Model: 4161_PSPLUS-USBC-4K, that’s right, folks, these bad boys are in 4K and come with PS Plus (not really)
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“There’s too many of them!”

Riggs dove behind cover. His laser rifle discharged its power cartridge, now nothing more than a burnt-out, empty battery that clattered on the ground. He fumbled around his person, trying to feel out another ammo cartridge, only to find nothing of the sort. Realizing he was in a bad position, he glanced over the edge of his cover and quickly ducked back down.


“What, out of ammo?” asked Jax nearby.

Riggs looked down dejectedly at his currently useless weapon, “Ugh, yeah.” He tossed it lightly to the side like a toddler tired of his toy.

“Now, hold on,” Jax assuaged, rummaging through his backpack. Eventually he pulled out a rectangle. “Try this!”

Riggs caught it and turned it over in his hands. “Jax, this ain’t a power cartridge. It’s a damn power bank.”

“Yes,” confirmed Jax.

“Do you know how much power this thing,” he tapped the butt of his rifle, “uses in a single shot?”

“Yes,” replied Jax again, revealing dozens of the same power bank in his bag.

“Okay, but do you know how long it is going to take to charge it using all of those?”

“Oh, don’t worry. They charge fast,” reassured Jax.

Mulling it over for a moment, Riggs finally acquiesced. “Alright, fine, I’ll use the damn power banks then.”

Picking up his gun again, he tried to connect the power bank to its utility port. And he kept trying. And after a minute of trying to push the USB C inside, he inspected it, then looked all over the rest of the rifle for a compatible entry. Sighing melodramatically, Riggs lamented, “Jax, the damn gun has only got micro-USB on it.”

“Well, crap,” replied Jax, scratching his head with one arm as a small alien creature gnawed on his other. “Now what?”

“Guess I’ll figure something else out…” Riggs muttered, as another small alien hopped the barrier and started pounding feebly on his head with its tiny hands.

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