3-Pack: Men's Quick-Dry Swim Shorts with Cargo Pocket (Assorted)

  • They’re like shorts… that you can wear into the water!
  • Each pair has three pockets: the two normal ones, and one cargo pocket
  • Choose between Solid or Print; You will receive 3 pairs randomly (no duplicates)
  • They feature an adjustable drawstring, mesh lining, and dry quick!
  • Size chart here
  • How do these show a love of robots and/or hilarious shirt designs: they don’t; for that, you’ll have to head over to Mediocritee
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It's Swim Season

7 Things You Can Do With The Cargo Pocket On These Swim Trunks

  1. Buy a DVD copy of 2012 best picture winner Argo. Put it in the cargo pocket. Head to the northernmost Florida Key. Now it’s not just a cargo pocket; it’s your cargo d’Argo a la Key Largo.

  2. Load it up with sugar. That way, it’ll dissolve when you go into the water giving the ocean creatures a short break from the usual one-note savory flavor of the ocean.

  3. Use them to brine pork chops. Seriously, think of all the times when you’ve had to choose between putting together the brining liquid for the pork chop you’re going to grill for dinner and taking a long swim in the ocean. It’s the worst, right? Well, those days are behind you! Put a pair of these on, put a pork chop in the cargo pocket, and hit the water for an hour. The ocean will be your brine!

  4. Unstitch one from the swim trunks and glue it to the wall to hold your keys and your phone.

  5. Use it to collect seawater that you can distill down to sea salt to use in the kitchen. Then make a huge deal about how you practice true “from scratch” cooking.

  6. Shove another pair of swim trunks into it. Then, when someone asks what’s in your pocket, say it’s “pocket change.” Get it? Because it’s something to change into?

  7. Find a mysterious amulet buried in the sand during a family snorkeling trip. Put it in the cargo pocket. Then, later, take it out and invoke the spirit of Poseidon so you and a group of other outcast teens can thwart the evil criminals who will stop at nothing to get their hands on that precious jewelry.

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