3-Pack: KeyConcepts 120 Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches in 3 Sizes (360 Patches)

  • 360 acne healing patches with tea tree oil
  • Versatile little dots that go right where you need them
  • Three packs of 120
  • Is it Mac compatible? We don’t know…is zit?
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Zit happens.

Apologies, everybody. We’re putting this write-up together a little bit on the fly. Do we have a first pass from that discount poet we hired from that haiku slam at the coffee shop?

Peter Popper popped a pack of poppin’ pimples.
A pack of poppin’ pimples, Peter Popper picked.
If Peter Popper popped a pack of poppin’ pimples,
Where’s the pack of poppin’ pimples that Peter Popper picked?

It seems like there should be an equally rhythmic but less gross way of talking about this.

She shills zit pills to pay all her shit bills.

We respect the hustle, but these aren’t pills.

I squee, you squee, we all squee for acne!


Acne Backne was a twit. Acne Backne had no zits. So Acne’s acne wasn’t really backne, got me?

These are patches. Maybe something about how we buy big quantities of stuff at a discount and then offer them for sale at a great price?

Meh picks batches so now Meh pitch patches.

Yeah, but…grammatically…Meh is singular at the beginning and then plural at the end.

Ya’ll pretty picky while just begging for a clicky.

Hey, we’re just trying to make a living. People love to click our buttons.

Gotta pay for baby’s shoes-n-all, but that is just delusional.

We’re delusional? You’re the one who thinks this garbage poetry is going to sell pimple patches.

Pft. No worries tr’yna clear them shelves, ‘cause these babies sell themselves.

We’re never doing this again.

Enjoy these oysters, to shuck yourself; ‘cause you can now go—

—we’re done here.

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