3-Pack: KeyConcepts 120 Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches in 3 Sizes (360 Patches)

  • Put them on your zits
  • Leave them on for 6 hours
  • Take them off
  • No zits
  • Do you have to collect them all: no, you’re thinking of the shirts we’re selling on Mediocritee
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Clear It Up

Unless you’ve been blessed with perfect skin, you know what these are. They’re pads for treating zits and acne overnight (or whenever you have 6 hours when no one will see your face, because that’s how long they’ll have to be on). Each pack comes with a variety of sizes, and each pad is infused with tea tree oil to soothe and heal your skin while the hydrocolloid goes to work cleaning the gunk out of your pimples.

Now, if you were to buy these on Amazon, where you’d pay about 9 bucks for 120, you’d get a package like this:

If you buy them from us, on the other hand, you’ll get 360 for $12, and the packages will look like this:

But were you to open these two packages side by side, here’s what you’d find:

The same damn thing.

What we’re telling you here is that we got a good deal on the old packaging. And we’re passing the savings onto you.

Although to be fair, the newer packaging (first photo) is a clear improvement. And it’ll probably help them move units on Amazon and wherever else they sell their stuff. But that’s who they’re helping here: themselves.

You? The one who needs to treat some acne? You don’t care about the way the package looks. After all, you’re not exactly gonna put a product like this on display around your house, right? No way! Your acne treatments, your cold sore medicine, your hemorrhoid cream–it all goes into some dark, hidden-away corner of your bathroom only to be taken out when total privacy is achieved.

So why not buy “last year’s model” and enjoy some clean, rejuvenated skin on a budget?

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