3-Pack: Men's and Women's French Terry Jogger Lounge Pants

  • They’re fleece but they’re not too fluffy
  • They’re comfy but not structureless
  • You can wear them around the house or to the grocery store
  • Size chart for men and for women
  • Do they come in Georgia red: no, they come in “I’m an adult” navy
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Comfortable, yet (at least somewhat) Classy

The Snuggie answered an important question: how stupid and structureless can you make a piece of lounge “clothing” before people start to say, “Okay, okay, that’s enough”? For years everyone complied with ridiculously printed pajama pants of a cut that could be described as “not quite parachute,” but when it came to something that was essentially an insulated hospital gown? That was too much!

Now it seems like the preferred style of kick-around-the-house clothes has changed.

Instead of testing the outer edges of the lounge-wear spectrum by turning a robe around/adding sleeves to a blanket, people want something that aims directly for the middle: garments that are comfortable yet have some level of structure.

People want the kind of thing they can put on first thing in the morning and feel at ease but also wear to the grocery store in a pinch.

They want something that feels relaxed, soft, and cozy, yet looks semi-presentable on a Zoom call where they need to stand up, exposing the lower half of their wardrobe to their coworkers, in order to shush their cat.

Something they can wear for an all-day binge-watching/gaming session and also to walk the dog around the block without making their neighbors think they’re some sort of degenerate.

In short, people want something that doesn’t just scream “I’m relaxed” (like pajamas) or “I’m an adult” (like actual pants) but rather “I’m a relaxed adult.”

That’s what these are.

They’re soft fleece, but they lack the fuzzy Muppet-ness of classic PJ pants. They’re cut in a way that isn’t restricting but isn’t entirely boxy and flow-y either. And they come in an array of chill yet subdued colors. No Guy-Fieri-style flame patterns or unicorns and rainbows here. Just grays and navy blues and black.

In other words: the perfect indoor clothes that you can wear outdoors when necessary.

So get yourself a few pairs and wear something that’s relaxed but not embarrassingly so.

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