24-Pack: Fudgy Bombs (Hot Chocolate Bombs with Marshmallow Surprise)

  • Fudgy bombs of 100% milk chocolate goodness
  • Large 2" spheres in elegant gold foil
  • Marshmallow surprise inside
  • Model: 2-F45T-2-FUDGY
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The Fast and the Fudgiest

Look…we didn’t name these things fudgy bombs. The only time anyone should use those words together are in an 80s frat comedy where some crusty old dean is about to get what’s coming to him.

But that aside, holy cow these are spectacular.

Sorry…we’ll at least try: These FUDGY BOMBS are spectacular.

If you’ve never used a hot chocolate bomb like this before, you really need to give it a try. (They are NOT interchangeable with bath bombs, just in case you’re wondering.)

You pour hot milk on the two-inch chocolate ball and in seconds it’s melting away to release all the chocolatey goodness within. Except there’s non-chocolatey goodness in there, too. SPOILER: It’s marshmallow.

This will be a big hit with kids. Because as any parent knows, kids are kind of dumb. And any time you can add an unexpected marshmallow into their day, they’ll absolutely freak. (Seriously. Try it. Throw some marshmallows at them while they’re eating dinner or watching TV. That stuff is like cat nip.)

So yeah. Hot chocolate is great and all, but those little paper packets that you dump in the mug don’t exactly create a sense of occasion. These lumpy nuggets, sorry…fudgy bombs, absolutely will.

Seriously. They come in gold foil. You’re going to be rolling these things out with the same pomp and circumstance usually reserved for celebratory champagne or those chilled monkey brains from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Anyway, if you’re trying to embrace any of the goodness of winter and are ready to take your hot cocoa game to the next level, let us help you get your fudgy bomb on.

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