2-Pack: ToiletTree Electronic Nose & Ear Hair Trimmers with LED Lights

  • Hair in your nose? Or ears? Couldn’t be me!
  • Water-resistant so you can use them in the shower and clean them easily
  • Strong enough not to pull hairs
  • What do these have to do with classic anime: nothing, but if you’re into that, maybe head over to Mediocritee
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Nose/Ear Hair, Be Gone

Sometimes it’s fun to let your hair get a little shaggy. Sometimes it’s fun to experiment with new styles. Sometimes it’s fun to skip shaving for a few days and watch the beginnings of a beard take shape. Sometimes it’s fun to then shave away parts of that beard, leaving behind ridiculous facial hair patterns.

But there’s nothing fun about nose hair. And there’s nothing fun about ear hair.

It’s not even a societal pressure or beauty standards thing. Because nose/ear hair isn’t just unfortunate-looking; it’s super uncomfortable. What we’re saying is: if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that nose hair and ear hair sucks. What’s more, it sucks to get rid of.

Unless you’ve got a ToiletTree Electronic Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer. (Or two of them, because this is a two-pack.)

Here are the facts. They’re lightweight, so you can travel with them. They’re water-resistant, so you can shave in the shower and wash them up easily afterward. They’ve got stainless steel blades that go straight to work, i.e. no painful catching or pulling. They’ve got LEDs so you can really see what you’re doing. They feature a rotary cutting system that allows hair to enter from the tip but also from the side (which makes them great for things beyond the trimming of nose and ear hair, like shaping up beards or eyebrows). Plus, they’re super simple. We’re talking two AA batteries and one button to turn them on and off.

Oh, also, they’re good. Like, an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon good.

And what’s funny is, if you go and read those reviews, you’ll see that most of them are basically just people being like, “This worked. I had nose/ear hair before, and now I don’t, thanks to this product.” Which really tells you how much people hate nose and ear hair. Because this trimmer does almost nothing beyond the exact super simple thing it promises, and still, thousands of people were inspired to go on the internet and sing its praises.

So get a couple, and enjoy some unobstructed nostrils and ear canals.

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