2-Pack: Supps2Go S2G Preworkout Powder

  • Packed with the stuff you need to workout, like caffeine, amino acids
  • Not packed with the stuff that’ll slow you down, like sugar
  • Flavors to choose from: grape, green apple, lemonade, fruit punch
  • Model: P1X4R-PR353NT5-5UPP
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Powder of Power

Hello, it’s me: the male lead in a Lifetime Christmas movie.

Maybe I inherited my father’s billion dollar candy cane business, but really all I ever wanted was to be a painter. Or maybe I’m the ruggedly handsome mayor of this small town with enough holiday spirit to convert even my high school ex, big time country star Grace LeRoi, into a full blown acolyte of the season. Or who knows? Maybe I’m literally Santa Claus in disguise, looking to give myself a gift for once: a new Mrs. Claus to fill the hole in my heart left from when the last one ran away with my head elf.

I could be anything, really. But there’s one thing I always am: just cut as all shit.

Like, seriously, do you know how many sit-ups a renowned big city chef like me, sent to cook at the rustic trattoria in this small skiing village, has to do in order for my six pack to show through an apron?

Do you have any idea how much tailoring is required to ensure the suits I wear don’t just shred themselves upon my jagged biceps as I attempt to negotiate the purchase of a family-owned Christmas tree farm on behalf of a big city conglomerate? Only to realize there’s only one thing I really ought to buy? And that’s an engagement ring for said Christmas tree farm’s proprietor, one Ms. Audrey Jones? Who beyond knowing a thing or two about raising pines is also a highly-skilled dressmaker? But who ultimately had to forgo a full-ride to design school to help her ailing father run his business?

Point is, I’m absolutely fucking ripped.

And I couldn’t be that way without this Supps2Go Preworkout Powder! Just mix some up and I’m ready for another one of the insane workouts required to sculpt and maintain a body like mine.

But enough about that. Me and a skeptical blogger from the big city need to go accidentally stand under some mistletoe at my small town’s famed hot cocoa festival. And did I mention, I’m a prince?

Anyway, ta ta for now!

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