2-Pack Stylish Mustache Kits

  • A practical item for trying mustache styles before growing them
  • 2-pack of packs
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A Very Foolish Meh-rathon

Welcome all to a special Meh-rathon! Since it’s April Fools’ Day, you can expect a steady stream of nothing but our quirkiest, wackiest, absolute goofiest items!

Let’s kick things off with this mustache kit. It’s great for pulling the famous “Mustache Prank.”

Just put one on, and say to a friend, “Hey, check it out! I’ve got a mustache now!”

Then they’ll say, “That’s not a real mustache.”

Then you’ll say, “April Fools!” and pull off the mustache, revealing an identical real mustache underneath.

Anyway, stick with us for more shenanigans all day long!

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