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2-Pack: Striiv Fusion Bio 2 Plus

  • We’re selling two smart watches for 20 bucks
  • Crazy, right? Is this an amazing deal? Or are these just really simple watches?
  • Yes
  • Track your heart rate, your steps, your calories burnt, all that stuff
  • Also see when you’re getting calls, texts, and notifications
  • Model: bio2-p-box-us-01; you know it’s a good product when they incorporate the fact that it comes in a box into the product number
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Striiv For Greatness (Or Fine Enoughness)

Now, usually when we want to help you to get to know a product, we send you to the Amazon reviews. And there are a few nice ones there for this. Such as this 4 star review from user Daniel F, which is titled, “It was too difficult to understand how to use it.ck and I come in refunde my money.” The content of the review: “It was too difficult to understand how to use it.”

The take-away: if you think any given text box might lead where you want it to lead, this Striiv might be a little tough.

But really, the most informative part of the Amazon page for these thing are the questions. Just take a look:

That’s right! You read that correctly! A fucking CHARGER, baby! How you like them apples, Apple?

Okay, real talk: the point we want to get across is that these things are simple. That’s why we’re selling two for the price of good burger and a pint of non-domestic beer. They won’t do stuff that an Apple, or a Samsung, or a Garmin will do. But that’s because you could add a zero to our price today and still be anywhere from a hundred to three hundred bucks short of what those other smart watches cost.

And you know what? Sometimes simple is perfect. So, if you’re looking for something to track your steps and your heart rate and how many calories you burned, or something to screen your calls and texts from your wrist so you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket or purse–then this Striiv Fusion Bio 2 might be just the ticket.

And hey, you have an extra one to give to a friend!

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