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2-Pack: Speks Original Mashable, Smashable, Buildable Magnets

  • 2 packs of a bunch of tiny magnets adults over the age of 14.
  • Seriously, these might look like toys, but they’re not.
  • They’re… uh… grown-up time and stress reduction tools.
  • Mash 'em up, pull 'em apart, or whatever.
  • Model: 5P3CT0-C00L3R.
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Sus-Spek-t Teaching Practices

Do you ever feel that itch? In your palms? That feeling that you just can’t sit still, that you need something to occupy your hands?

And you wonder, is this your genius trying to come to the surface? Is it possible that, were your hands applied to a piano, you’d play out a beautiful sonata? Or that if your hands were given a lump of clay, you’d sculpt something that the art world would call “revelatory”? Or that your hands are just waiting to sketch something vivid and amazing, to paint a strikingly colorful scene, to arrange a beautiful plate of perfectly cooked food?

Lol, nah.

Probably, you’re a little antsy about something. Maybe you had too much coffee, or not enough coffee. Or maybe you’re bored. Or maybe you’re just not good at sitting still.

It really doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you need some outlet, something to release the energy. Not necessarily something to distract you. In fact, despite what your old teachers used to think, there’s a chance that having something to fiddle with would actually help you pay attention.

What was the deal with that, by the way? When you were young, we mean. You’d doodle in the margins of your notebook, or drum on the table: and you’d get reprimanded for it. And, like, it makes sense on one level, that a teacher, looking out over a classroom, wouldn’t want to see a bunch of kids staring down at some drawing rather than looking at the chalk board; or that, when the teacher was making a point, they didn’t want to hear a bunch of erratic tapping. Still, it was treated as some huge problem, when, for a lot of us, it was the very thing that allowed us to actually focus at all, the sole barrier between us and total barbarism.

Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right. Sometimes, even as an adult, you need something to do with your idle hands. And you could do much worse than mashing a bunch of little magnets together.

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