2-Pack: Simplytech 15-Foot RGB LED Strips

  • You get a couple 15-foot strips of cool LED lights
  • All they do is look cool and create ambiance
  • You can control them from an app, SO TAKE THAT CANDLES!
  • They can “dance” to the beat of the music you’re listening to
  • Model: L3D-50UND5YT3M
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Nothing But Good Looks

What do these do?

They look cool, that’s what!

You put them behind your TV or PC or whatever, and then you use an app to set what mode and brightness level and colors you want.

But by far the coolest feature? They can change with the beat of whatever music you’re listening to. That means each strip is basically a party in and of itself! So make a playlist, invite some friends over, and enjoy the show while dancing and sipping on a nice light beverage.

Oh, and by light beverage, we don’t mean something low in calories or alcohol. We’re talking about a good, light-based drink like a:

  • glow gin fizz,
  • filament julep,
  • Wattington’s Pub Ale,
  • snifter of b-rye-t whiskey,
  • gincandescence & tonic,
  • Michel-bulb Ultra,
  • Light Claw Hard Seltzer,
  • Illuminatural Ice,
  • shot of Jim Gleam,
  • or Labatt Blumen.

See what we did there? Eh? Eh?

Okay, look. We make these terrible puns because there’s really just not much to say about these. You plug them in and they look cool. End of story. So get some, and enjoy a little ambiance.

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