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2-Pack: Rockz 5000mah Power Banks with Integrated USB-C Cable and Wall Charger

  • A 2 pack of power banks. Or, a power power bank bank.
  • 5000mAh is about 2.5 charges for most phones, but just 0.25 charges if you have a Motorola Power Drinkr.
  • Has both USB and USB-C cables built in! And prongs to plug it straight into the wall!
  • Because it has built in cables, you’re less likely to walk into the other room looking for them, then forget why you came, then think, “well I guess I have nothing to do at all,” then play video games for three hours while your power bank remains dead and useless.
  • If you don’t have a USB-C compatible phone, you can plug into one of the 2 USB ports on each power bank.
  • Model: Z423C011. Or The423C011, if you’re not talking in a bad German accent.
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Flip Out

Earlier today I had to put a banana peel on the kitchen counter because I’d just taken out the trash and had not yet put a fresh garbage bag in the bin.

Now, it’s a bit later at night and I’m worried that my bluetooth headphones might die soon, which would mean they wouldn’t be charged enough for me to listen to a podcast while I walk my dog tomorrow morning.

Neither of these are difficult-to-solve problems. I could get a bag out from under the sink and put it into the garbage bin. I could find the charger for my earbuds and plug it in. Each task would take two seconds.

And that’s not all there is, either.

I could pack clothes the night before I take a trip.

I could stop for gas on my way home from the grocery store when the tank is just ‘low’ and not later, when I have somewhere to be, and now the light is on and the car is sputtering.

I could wash dishes after a meal, so I only have to do a few at a time.

I could make lunches for the week on Sunday afternoon.

But I don’t. And I won’t. Because sometimes the simplest things are impossible.

Which is all to say, it might seem like a ‘little thing’ that this power bank has the wall plug and a USB-C cable built in, but it’s actually HUGE.

It cuts a WHOLE step out of the charging process. That means there’s one less thing to make you think, ugh, whatever, I’ll do it later. You just flip out the prongs and plug it straight into the wall. And when you want to charge your phone with it, you just pull the cable out (if you’ve got a USB-C compatible phone; if you don’t, you can just plug the cable into one of its USB ports), connect it, and voila! You can recharge you phone!

That died.

Because you didn’t plug it in last night.

Because you were “too tired.”

I mean, really! Who has time for all this stuff?!

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