4-Pack: Rocket RC Micro Drones

  • Like Muppet Babies, but drones
  • You can hold them in your hand
  • Far less work than kittens, plus they fly
  • You get 4 of these little guys, and since they’re 2.4GHz, you can fly them all at once without interference issues
  • Model: 4DR0N3-1N-TH3-D4RK
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Ladies and gentleman, it’s time for our first ever…


In this corner:

A four-pack of adorable little Rocket RC Micro Drones!

What they do: Fly and do tricks and stuff. Since they’re 2.4GHZ, you can fly all four at once without worrying about interference.

Where did they came from: We had some un-spayed and un-neutered mature drones in the warehouse, and one thing led to another.

Why we’re selling them: Because many of the staff find our usual way of dealing with excess drones–involving a fishing net, a burlap sack, and a bucket of water–to be inhumane and disturbing.

What’s not-so-cute about them: They don’t have funny little googley eyes glued to them… yet!

And in this corner…

The two delightful designs currently for sale on Mediocritee

What they do: Teach us that love is complicated, even the love between peanut butter and jelly.

Where did they came from: The mind of Jasneko, an artist and illustrator who will not rest until everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, has a cute little face.

Can we see the designs: Sure! Here they are!

What’s not-so-cute about them: You could argue that infidelity, even when occurring between an anthropomorphic peanut butter jar and a an anthropomorphic banana, isn’t particularly cute.

Who will win? YOU DECIDE! (By voting in the poll at the bottom of the page.) Until the results are final, buy some cute drones and some cute shirts!

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