2-Pack: Power-To-Go True Wireless Stereo Lantern Flame Speakers

  • You get two little flickering lanterns
  • You get two stereo pair-able bluetooth speakers
  • But, plot twist, those things are the same thing!
  • Model: F1R3-1N-TH3-HULL
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Flame Emoji

Have you ever heard the kids say, “this music is fire”? Well, they’re probably referring to a particularly dope new track. But there’s a chance–slim as it may be–that what they’re actually talking about is playing music on a pair of Power-To-Go True Wireless Stereo Lantern Flame Speakers!

That’s right! These are bluetooth speakers that look like flickering lanterns.


Why not!

But, okay, real answer: they’re fun to have for an outdoor get-together, offering ambiance and utility, allowing you to set the mood via both light and sound. And with two of them, you can enjoy whatever you’re listening to in stereo.

Now, they’ll play anything, of course. But considering they’re flame speakers, you should really be using them for exclusively hot music. And by ‘hot,’ we don’t mean what’s popular right now; we’re talking about bands and solo acts who are literally scorching. For example:

  • Fire Straits
  • Flame Impala
  • Flinterpol
  • Nat King Coal
  • Wick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • Iggnitey Pop
  • T-(Pro)Pain
  • Ferro Rod Stewart
  • Sparky Spark and the Funky Bunch
  • Torchi Amos

Look, it’s the dog days of summer and we just want to make some terrible puns, okay? Let us have our fun. And we’ll help you have yours, with these Power-To-Go True Wireless Stereo Lantern Flame Speakers!

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