2-Pack: Power-to-Go True Wireless Flame Speakers

  • Surround sound goodness
  • Stylish aesthetic
  • Wireless power, wireless sound
  • Model# 000004 (which is also the number of likes we expect you’ll get when you post your backyard remodel)
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Looks Good, Sounds Good

You know those “backyard transformation” posts you see online sometimes?

They’re always way over the top, with a before picture that looks like a cramped alleyway in a post-apocalyptic hellscape and an after picture straight out of a magazine.

Just know that deep down inside, things are rarely as they seem online and most of those cute before and after posts come at the expense of thousands of dollars and the occasional destroyed relationship.

Before: Weedy mess.

After: Personal oasis.

Not pictured: 14 weeks of aggravation and a water feature that it turns out is really difficult to mow around. Oh and a spouse having a minor breakdown.

Well we here at meh want to help you avoid all that. It might not get you as many Facebook likes, but there’s something to be said for creating an outside space where you can enjoy yourself, relax with a drink, and maybe even create a little bit of a vibe.

These will help with that.

Look at them.

They are the coolest looking Bluetooth speakers around, combining awesome wireless audio with a tiki torch aesthetic. They come in a pair, meaning stereo sound. They also look like little fire goblets, meaning you’ll be taking a couple of steps towards the backyard oasis life, where everything has at least as much style and sophistication as a stone baby perpetually peeing in a fountain.

As for Facebook or whatever, try this approach once the weather breaks…

Before: Your backyard, exactly as it is.

After: Same backyard, plus cool speakers.

Not pictured: You ordering the speakers in mid-January so you have them the first time you want to go sit outside in the spring.

Super duper not pictured: The hard sell from meh. “BUY IT. BUY IT. JUST QUIT WORRYING AND BUY THE DAMN THINGS. YOU’LL LOVE THEM.”

Okay maybe we suck at backyard projects AND hard sells.

Either way, do get some of these speakers.

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