2-Pack: Popular Mechanics Travel Gear Bags with Powerstrip

  • Very versatile travel case with medium versatile power strip included.
  • Seems like something you would get for making a $100 donation in your local public television pledge drive.
  • The bag has great compartments and storage.
  • You get two sets!
  • Can it make a margarita? Yeah you can set a blender up right at your gate at the airport.
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You know who you are

There’s something immediately exhausting about imagining the kind of person who walks around carrying a Popular Mechanics gear bag with a Popular Mechanics power strip inside.

The product literature talks about how “the power port extension cable is perfect for any traveler” and like holy shit, no. “Airports, coffee shops, hotel rooms,” they suggest. Seriously?

If you’ve ever done anything at a coffee shop that casually required a fucking POWER STRIP worth of outlets, you’ve somehow violated the spirit of both coffee shops and power strips simultaneously.

Of course, while you were setting up, someone would inevitably look your way, see your branded Popular Mechanics gear and think “yeah, that seems about right.”

Because again, the person who finds this deal appealing? Just…wow.

“Meh! Why would you possibly throw so much shade at the already unbelievably narrow target market for your weird Popular Mechanics swag?”

Because the people we’re talking about, bless their hearts, don’t give half a crap about what we think about them. That’s why.

We’re talking fanny pack wearers. Rockers of Crocs. Holsterers of cell phones. The unabashedly utilitarian salt of the earth who always have a multi-tool somewhere on their body and haven’t lost the toothpick on their Swiss Army knife, let alone the tweezers.

So yeah. We’ll throw shade. Because deep down we are profoundly insecure about our own lack of handiness and ingenuity, feeling more comfortable mocking someone for their tucked-in t-shirt and affinity for WD-40 than we are with admitting that just because we’ve never needed to set up a miter saw in a Holiday Inn kitchenette, then no one else should either.

Anyway, have a look, nerds. This thing is nice and compact. The bag has a perfect spot for the preposterous power strip, and there are all sorts of great little organizational features for the weird shit you’ve already considered doing with this. You’re even going to get two of everything, so you have an extra for a friend, loved one, or—way more likely—to keep in the trunk of your hydrogen-powered car that you insist is perfect for road trips despite all evidence to the contrary.

Okay NOW have we stereotyped this thing sufficiently?

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