2-Pack: Pitch and Trek Inflatable Pillows for Camping & Travel

  • They blow up nice and easy
  • They pack up real compact
  • Great for camping, travel, and taking naps in the shower apparently
  • How do they celebrate iconic Game of Thrones locations: they don’t, so if that’s what you want, maybe head over to Mediocritee
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Rest Wherever

These pillows are super easy to inflate. And we’re not just saying that because the product copy tells us. Head over to Amazon (where they have a rating of 4.3 out of 5, based on over 460 reviews) and read what people have to say, and you’ll see many users gushing about how little effort it takes to blow them up.

Which is why they’re perfect for camping and travel.

But those aren’t the only things they’re good for. Once again, if you read the Amazon reviews, you’ll see that they have a wide range of uses.

For example, Raymond Deans says they’re perfect for back support while working out:

I actually use it as back support when sitting on my stationary recumbent bike while exercising. My old one deflated often. This one stays inflated and is quite comfy. The strap on the back is very useful to have it stay in place also.

Lauren Feathers, on the other hand, thinks they’re great for taking a little extra time in the bath/shower:

I am not a person who camps, if anything I might even consider myself anti-camping, but to that effect I love to take very long hot showers and baths and even nap in them when I can. So this pillow is one of the greatest purchases I have made in some time; it blows up in like 3 breaths and is so easy to slightly deflate/inflate as needed. It works great in water and fits conveniently under my sink when not in use.

Sounds a bit dangerous, Lauren, but okay!

Melody Lieberman, meanwhile, claims they’re the perfect accessory for a backyard oasis:

I’m so excited to use this! I bought it for the purpose of having a “pool pillow” in the kiddie pool in my backyard.

See? There are plenty of interesting ways to use these! So get a couple and be ready to relax wherever you are.

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