2-Pack: Peach Leaf 3-in-1 Weighted 6lb Blanket / Lap Pad / Pillow

  • They’re not large blankets; 24" x 40" to be precise
  • They’re more like plush weighted lap pads that help you feel grounded…to the the couch
  • They fold up into 11"x11" cool-looking pillows, which is a plus
  • Ultra-portable for some anxiety relief (or a pillow) on-the-go
  • Here are some reviews for a similar weighted pillow (different brand)
  • Are they Mac compatible: More like Mac & Cheese compatible! Because they’re comfort food for your lap! (This makes perfect sense, trust us)
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Small Comforts

Weighted blankets have become, at this point, so ubiquitous they require almost no explanation. But these are not your typical weighted blankets.

Yes, they still have your basic weighted blanket mainstays. They’re filled with glass beads, distributed evenly throughout, so that, when you get under them, they help you feel grounded and calm and like you’re being hugged but without any hug-related social anxiety.

Where they differ, though, is in their size and versatility. These things are only 6 pounds and pretty small. They’re not even as big as a throw. So they’re not something you’re going to use in bed to get better sleep when you’re stressed. Unless you’re a little kid. In which case, these would be a great option.

But the point stands: for adults, they’re more like couch weighted blankets. You can spread one across your lap while you’re watching TV or reading and disperse with all that nervous energy.

And then, when you’re not using them, you can fold them up into cool-looking pillows. That’s another thing that makes them unique: they pack up real nice.

In other words, if you want to enjoy a little weight on your lap in the living room, you don’t have to go into the bedroom, grab your full-sized weighted blanket, lug it out, fold it to the appropriate size, and then repeat all those steps in reverse when it’s time to put it away. Your two weighted lap pads are just there, hiding in plain sight.

Or maybe they’re not there. Maybe they’re with you on some trip. After all, these are built to be portable with a strap for carrying and, once again, an easy-folding design. And that makes sense, right? A weighted travel blanket? Because are there any times you can think of that are better suited to a little anxiety-relieving pressure than when you’re the passenger on a long car ride, or you’re taking a cross-country bus tour, or you’re dealing with some turbulence during a flight?

Which is all to say the same thing we said at the beginning: these are not your typical weighted blankets. So get a couple, and enjoy a little weight.

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