2-Pack: Papercraft World 3D Paper Wall Art & Models

  • No cutting and minimal creasing required: they come pre-cut and pre-creased
  • You get the satisfaction of pasting the whole thing together
  • And then you get the satisfaction of having a cool display piece
  • Many to choose from
  • Model: yes, these are 3D paper models
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If You Build It

Do you want to have a thing, or do you want to do a thing?

This is a question posed by a lot of products we sell. You could have an air-fryer. Or you could play a card game. You could have a bluetooth speaker. Or you could put together a puzzle. You could have a hammock. Or you could listen to a bunch of classic audiobooks.

And yes, these don’t break down as perfectly as we’d like, for the sake of this argument. Like, having an air fryer means you’ll likely do some cooking. And having a Bluetooth speaker implies you’ll spend some time doing some listening (like, say, to the aforementioned audiobooks).

But you sorta get it, right? There are things that we sell because they’re things you want to have, and there are things we sell because they’re things you want to do. You’re not going to put the card game on display, and as accomplished as you feel when you finish a jigsaw puzzle, you’re unlikely to glue it to a backing board, frame it, and hang it above the mantle.

We bring all of this up because today we are offering the impossible: a thing you can have, but only after you do it.

Basically, these are cool 3D paper puzzles. They’re pre-cut and pre-folded, so you don’t have to spend a bunch of time snipping and creasing before you get started. Instead, you can open the box, dump the pieces out, and get straight to work on assembly. Just as with a coloring book or a crossword, you feel the satisfaction of doing something: tuning out the world around you, focusing on only what’s in front of your face, avoiding screens for a while.

But then, when you’re done, you don’t just pull the pieces apart and put them back in the box. No, now you’ve got a thing: a cool piece of 3D paper art that looks kind of like something rendered in the original Unreal engine to display.

In other words, these are really the best of both worlds.

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