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2-Pack of Mophie 8000mAH Power Banks with USB-C 3A Charging

  • One Mophie is a sleek pink 8000mAh Power Bank
  • The other Mophie is a sleek pink 8000mAh Power Bank
  • How will they ever make this partnership work?!
  • Has USB-A and USB-C ports, with USB-C Cable included
  • Model: 401103170, and you know, honestly, it’s kinda refreshing to get one that’s just all numbers, isn’t it?
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The Great Charge: A Short Play

Lights up. ETHEL sits at the table, knitting. KURT enters. He is clearly distraught.

ETHEL: Kurt, what is it that brings on this strange behavior of yours? You seem positively despondent.

KURT: I’ve received the message, Ethel.

ETHEL throws down her knitting needles and leaps to her feet.

ETHEL: Say it ain’t so, Kurt!

KURT: I wish that I could. But it came through clear as cloudless day this morning. “10% battery remaining.” So I must go, and begin the long journey to the outlet.

ETHEL: But what if I need you to look something up for me?

KURT: You’ll have to use your own phone, Ethel.

ETHEL collapses into KURT’S arms.

ETHEL: It won’t be the same without you, Kurt!

KURT: I know. But this has always been coming. No phone can last forever. It is the fate of every man, woman, and child to one day take that long lonely walk to the outlet.

MOPHIE: (off stage) But what if it weren’t?

ETHEL: Who said that?!

Enter MOPHIE, a sleek pink 8000mAh power bank.

MOPHIE: 'Twas I! Mophie! Alas, dear Kurt and Ethel, I am here to help you remain together!

KURT: But how?

MOPHIE: You shall plug your phone… into me!

ETHEL: Kurt, we’re saved!

KURT: But wait, what if Ethel’s phone dies too?

MOPHIE: Fear not! For I am a two pack!

Enter MOPHIE 2.

MOPHIE 2: Sup bros.

ETHEL, KURT, MOPHIE, and MOPHIE 2 join hands and dance. The lights dim, as PROFESSOR BRODDINGTON steps out in front of them.

PROFESSOR BRODDINGTON: And that, children, is the story of the first ever power bank.


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