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2-Pack of 100-Mile Amplified Antennas

  • If you’re gonna be home all the time, might as well turn on the television
  • Catch all the channels swirling in the air around you
  • It’s a 2 pack, because why not
  • Model: 4NT3N-T3N-2-20
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Tune It In To Tune It Out

You learn some things being home alone all the time.

For example, you learn just how nice it is to relieve yourself in your own bathroom in the middle of the day rather than retreating to a cold impersonal stall of the office restroom.

Also: you learn that when your pets used to rush the door every day at 5:30 to welcome you home? That was the first time they moved all day, and so your fantasy about crunching some numbers with a cat in your lap or a dog sitting loyally by your side was just that: a fantasy.

Which means that now you miss something you never thought you’d miss: the buzz of the office. The gossip, the inappropriately personal stories, the fear of the impending snow storm–it all wove itself into a warm sound-quilt that you grew reliant on ignoring to get your work done. By comparison, home is peaceful and quiet. Like, too peaceful and quiet.

But don’t worry! You have a coworker! Your television!

Now, you could just turn on Netflix and stream some show from beginning to end. But that’s not a great idea. First off, too much good stuff. You’ll get distracted. Second, In the age of ‘prestige’ television, every show ends after 3 seasons and every season is 2.6 episodes long. There’s not enough to fill a week, let alone months, unless you choose something real trashy like Forensic Files. But that’s dangerous in its own way. You’ll think it’s just background noise, in one ear out the other, until you’re laying awake at night wondering if you wear gloves and soak the hammer in some sort of cleaning solution when you’re done, could you collect the full life insurance policy?

See, for working at home, you need some good old fashioned, entirely vapid and ignorable daytime television! And to get that, you need these amplified antennas. Plug it into your television, adhere it to the window or something, and start wrangling all the invisible television waves in the air around you.

Eventually, maybe you can use them to follow local sports teams and stuff. But for now, think of it like a coworker that you can mostly tune out!

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