Should / Can I get tested?

hems79 thought this was worth mentioning said

So… two weeks ago today I had a fever of 100, a slight cough, shortness of breath, and soreness. The fever and cough went away overnight and did not return.
Fast forward two weeks and I still have shortness of breath (on a scale of 1-10, it’s about a 4), and soreness.
Since what I had two weeks ago was mild and shortlived, I felt like I didn’t need to get tested. I didn’t want to use up one of the valuable tests in case it was just a fluke thing. I’d feel like crap if someone else whom was worse off could have used that test.
Note… I have stayed in my house for all but two moments. Both times I social distanced, and wore a face mask.
Now that I still have shortness of breath and soreness, should I… or even can I… get tested for this scary virus?
I will be contacting my doctor in the afternoon about something else, and will be bringing this up… but I’d figure if there was anyone knowledgeable enough to help me out in the mean time.