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2-Pack of 100-Mile Amplified Antennas

  • The air is full of television
  • Harness it!
  • Supplement your streaming services with local channels
  • Model: 4NT3NN4-0UT-0F-T3N
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It's A TV Trap

Television! It’s all around us!

Look there! Out the window! Can you see it? No, not the scowling neighbor, staring back at you through his window. We’re talking about the television wafting through the air!

Do you feel sad at times? Or scared? Do you find yourself doubled over with uncontrollable laughter at a joke that’s not very funny? Or wheezing with panic? You’re not having a breakdown! You’ve likely just walked through a cloud of television. And though you cannot see it, your body is reacting to the general mood of its content.

Is your cat acting spooky again? Staring at an empty corner of the room? Yowling at some unseen foe? It’s not a ghost, silly! It is likely just that its fine-tuned feline eyes can see some recessed television program hovering there, much like a dog can hear whistles that our ears cannot!

But how do you harness the television? How do you gather the various entertainments that are swirling like a delightful invisible dust?

You set a trap! Like one of these 100-Mile Amplified Antennas! It functions as a cheese to the rodent-like channels currently scurrying through your home!

Okay, sorry. We’ll drop the bit now.

Real talk: there’s a lot of free TV out there. Probably more than you realize. And no, you can’t use these things to pick up HBO or Netflix. But you can get NBC and ABC and CBS and the local news and the nearby baseball team’s games (maybe).

In other words, even if you’re a cord-cutter–or, actually, especially if you’re a cord-cutter–you can still make use of these antennas!

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