2-Pack: Odyssey Toys 3-Wheel Race Cars with Remote Control

  • Sick design featuring a whole bunch of LED lights
  • Shock system means it can catch air and land without bursting apart
  • Seats for action figures
  • Connect 2 or more for simultaneous play (no frequency interference!)
  • We’re pretty sure these can spray exhaust clouds like the model on AliExpress, but we never tested that function on our Odyssey version
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but maybe it could make a stylish margarita delivery system? Depends on if your preferred cocktail glass can fit in the seats and who’s driving
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Sweet Ride

We sell a fair amount of these Odyssey toys, and we have to say: this one more looks straightforward than a lot. It just seems like a cool RC car. Stylish, featuring a built-in shock system that allows it to safely take some major jumps, and with seats for action figures, it’ll be fun to play with on its own or serve as a rad addition to some broader never-ending toy-based soap opera playing out in your child’s mind.

What does set it apart are the LED lights. Per the marketing copy:

With the awesome array of LED lighting, this car is suitable for all-day and night fun

Why does this matter? Because nights can be hard.

In the morning or the afternoon of a warm summer (or comfortable fall) day, possibilities abound. Go for a hike! Pack up some provisions and head over to the local pool! Take a trip to the park! Play a game of wiffle ball! See a baseball game! Rent a paddleboat or some kayaks! There exists limitless potential in terms of things you can do with your kids outside that’ll leave them happy and exhausted.

But then the sun goes down and, well, what do you do?

As adults, it sounds nice to pour yourself a drink, sit on the deck, just enjoy the fresh air, listen to the hum of the night bugs, or have a chat with your friend or spouse. Kids? They’re not going to enjoy that. They need action. They need stimulation. And so, when night falls, things veer towards the irresponsible. TV time. Video games. Phones. Tablets. Et cetera.

With a bunch of LED lights, this thing can provide some good screen-free fun outside in the dark, especially on these nights when things don’t drop below freezing as soon as the sun goes down. (Then come winter, when the sun sets at four in the afternoon, you’ll be happy to have some light-up fun for around the house.)

Are we overstating things? Probably. Really, you’re going to buy this because it looks cool and your kid will like it.

So buy it because it looks cool and your kid will like it!

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