2-Pack: Letsfit White Noise Sound Machines with 30 Sounds

  • A whole bunch of soft sounds to help you sleep
  • Turn them both on at once and let them fight to the death for white noise dominance!
  • Or, just use them as white noise machines
  • Can they make margaritas: No, but they might help you sleep off a few too many margaritas
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Noise That Blocks The Noise

Hey honey? Hey kids? Are we all packed up? Well, then I guess it’s time to go!

Now, I have a super fun surprise for everyone that’s gonna make the trip to grandma’s fly by: a brand new Christmas album! And I think the best thing we can do is sit quietly for the entire four-hour drive and listen to it.

Oh, it totally has a long enough run time, Ruthie! In fact, we can listen to one song the whole trip if we want.

What’s it called, Tommy? Uhh… ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Noise Christmas.’

No, honey, don’t bother looking it up on Spotify. This is some really cutting-edge new stuff. In fact, it was released in a brand-new audio format. Check it out; the album comes inside its own speaker. I got it right here in the cupholder.

Now, Ruthie, what have I always said? ‘You can hurt someone’s feelings without using any bad words at all.’ So, when you so something like, ‘Isn’t that album just one of those Letsfit White Noise Machines they were selling on Meh with a Christmas tree hastily magic markered onto the side of it?’ and you go out of your way to do big air quotes around the word ‘album’? Well, what you’re doing there is accusing me of lying, which makes me feel bad.

Anyway, it’s definitely an album. Because there are different songs. Some sound like white noise. Some sound like nature sounds. Some sound like nursery rhymes. But they’re tracks. On the album. The Christmas album.

What do you mean those all sound like settings on a Letsfit White Noise machine, Tommy? How would you know?

Oh, because you found a Letsfit White Noise machine box in the recycling bin.

Fine, I’ll be honest. The holidays are so loud and I just wanted some peace, okay? So I bought a two-pack of white noise machines, drew a Christmas tree on one, and called it a Christmas album. That way, we could just relax on the ride up. But you’re right. It’s not Christmas without a little noise. So here, we’ll check what’s on the radio.

[–Simply having a wonderful–]

Okay, okay. Jeez. I’ll turn the white noise on. Give me just a second.

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