2-Pack: LetsFit T3 Sound Machines with 30 Sounds

  • 30 sounds including 14 sleep tracks, 8 fan sounds and 8 white noise options
  • Satisfying 7-color ambient lighting
  • Undo some of the damage cellphone doomscrolling has done to your overall psyche
  • You get two!
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Worth its Salt

Okay, okay, okay—first things first.

No, your phone can’t do this.

Well, it probably can. But it definitely shouldn’t.

Let’s break it down.

Are there any number of free phone apps which can do approximately the same thing? Yes.

But there are also more than a couple of reasons why that setup sucks.

First of all, you need to be messing with your phone when you’re supposed to be going to sleep. As any knowledgeable healthy sleep and wellness researcher worth their salt will tell you, touching your phone before bed is about as conducive to sleep as getting impatiently ear-humped by a house elf wearing a brass bell on its collar.

You really don’t want the last thing you see before settling in for the night to be your latest Twitter @s or bleak headlines from the news app you keep meaning to delete. Plus there’s the blue light (bad for sleep), the occasional late-night notification dings (bad for sleep), and the powerfully disorienting experience of having your peaceful cricket sounds overridden by the sudden blast of some novelty ringtone you thought was a good idea at the time (bad for sleep).

No, no, no.

You want your peaceful sleepy sounds to be completely independent of that glass-paneled anxiety farm you call a phone.

Because as any credible personal life coach worth their salt will tell you, interacting with a smartphone in any way for 10 minutes is like absorbing two hours of the digital manifestation of a dream where a bird flies off with your nipples and you can’t chase it because your hands have become the grabbers from a carnival claw machine and your feet are stuck in quicksand made out of that bully from third grade.

No, no, no, no, no.

You want a sleep machine that’s just a sleep machine.

This one even has soothing ambient light, perfect for kids. And speaking of kids, that’s another example of when you really don’t want to be solving this with your phone. Once you’ve rocked a little one to sleep with a breezy ocean soundtrack, it’s going to be like Indiana Jones with the golden idol and the bag of sand as you try to sneak out of there without them noticing.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, (no), no.

You want a SLEEP MACHINE that’s just a SLEEP MACHINE.

Because as any credible daily deal website worth its salt will tell you, passing on this deal is like using Google Translate to convert ancient erotica into a series of haikus that—you know what, forget it. Just get yourself some portable cricket sounds, okay?

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