2-Pack: i-Brite Spin Light 7" LED Light Fixtures

  • 2 entire little light fixtures that screw straight into the light socket
  • The light they produce is somewhere between a 60 and a 100 watt bulb
  • But they’re much less painful to stare into than a bulb
  • Trust us, we’ve been doing it all week
  • LED light-emitting diodes mean less energy than a traditional light
  • Model: 511242… oh sorry, I was listening for the last 4 digits of the phone number
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Make Light Work Of Light Installation

These i-Brite 7" LED Spin Lights are one of those products we sell where words don’t exactly do them justice. Not that they’re some mind-blowing feat of technological ingenuity. They’re actually pretty simple: they’re light fixtures that screw directly into the light socket. I.e. they’re easy to install but look permanent.

But, like, don’t you want to see one in action? That’s why we decided to put together a few helpful GIFs. Take a look! (Also, apologies if we went a little overboard with the decorations/filters; they’re hard to resist.)

Here’s the business end of these bad boys:

And here’s how easy they screw in:

And here’s what happens if you hit them with a ladder (nothing, because they’re pretty much indestructible):

And here’s what the front looks like when you take the cover off:

(What you’re seeing here, BTW, are 2 rings of LED light-emitting diodes–8 on the inside, 16 on the outside, 24 total–that produce the light equivalent to something between a 60 and a 100 watt bulb, but using far less energy.)

See? It’s helpful to get visual sometimes! And if you want to watch the whole 9 minute video these GIFs came from, it’s right here.

Anyway, get a couple super easy light fixtures, why don’t you! They’re nice!

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