2-Pack: Cyclops Handimonster

  • Transforms hand into a cyclopean beast
  • Great for pranking during handshakes
  • I guess?
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We've Created A Monster

Anyone else getting tired of the same old monsters. Dracula? More like Drab-ula! Zombies? A bunch of real zom-bozos! Werewolves? Get-the-hell-outta-here, wolves! Enough with the masked killers using gardening implements, with the typical ghosts and ghouls, and enough with the clowns! No, it’s about time we forge a bold new direction in horror. I’ve even roped in our own resident monster-sculptor @KoolHandJoe for his expert opinions on the matter. Let’s see what we’ve got.


The bonesnatcher wants your pretty, pretty bones to replace its own. Its bones have gone bad. Will you give it your bones?

@KoolHandJoe: “The premise is indeed frightening… but the second the name “boner” is spoken the victims will likely die from laughing… so I guess the plan is to start with the funny bone?”

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