2-Pack: Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Brush with UV Sanitizing Base

  • Powerful sonic scrubbing, for your face
  • UV sanitizing base to keep everything hygienic
  • You get two of them!
  • Can it make a margarita? No. Those are shaken, not scrubbed.
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Yes Scrubs.

Today’s deal is giving us a lot of feelings, well above and beyond the sensory niceness of aggressively-scrubbed face skin. That’s because it is impossible to think of either the word “scrubs” or the name “Conair” without feeling some serious pop culture nostalgia.

If you grew up at a certain time in cinematic history, there’s just no way this doesn’t make you immediately think of Nic Cage struggling to manage a plane full of passengers. Some called it a slapped-together production full of unrealized theological potential, but damn it we know there are some Left Behind fans out there. Cage’s skin in that movie? Fantastic. Way better than the prison scruff you see in that other movie you probably presumptuously jumped to like a hardened criminal clutching a bunny while refusing to put it back in the box.

Anyway, we’re pretty sure 90s icons TLC had something to say about this back in the day:

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all, but I think you’re moving too fast.

We’re not sure what they actually mean by any of that and it seems kind of dispiriting for the vibe they usually go for, but unfortunately TLC doesn’t have anything in the discography giving a clear position on whether they are or are not in favor of scrubs. We should have tried Destiny’s Child. Oh well. No time for that now.

Basically, today’s deal is your ticket to seriously cleansing your face, which makes a lot of sense. People have mostly succumbed to the idea that you need some high-frequency brushing power to get your teeth properly clean and that the microbeads that used to be featured so prominently in face wash commercials, while effective, were going to actually end life on this planet if left unchecked. So it’s appropriate that we wouldn’t just settle for dragging a wet rag back and forth across our faces and calling it a day.

After all, this is your face! It’s important. Your face needs to be charming and cheeky and evocative. It needs to balance humor and seriousness with a keen flexibility. When we think about that kind of deft balance of silliness and real-world darkness, we can’t help but recall a certain comedic medical show that existed back in the day.


Man, Corporal Klinger had great skin given his limited cosmetic resources abroad. We wish there was a doctor show with a stronger scrubs-related hook, but sometimes these things are just too much of a reach, like when your squinty quirkiness makes you too shy to order an appletini at the bar.

Oh well.

Today’s deal will scrub your face in a super satisfying and deeply cleansing way. It will also use UV light to kill the stuff left on the brush thanks to its glowing bacteria-murdering chamber. We’re even going to send you a pair of these, because we know what you did a week before prom that time back in high school, you two-faced—

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