Welcome To The Election Year War: A Novel

matthew posted about a kickstarter said

Hi, Meh! Long time no post! You might remember me from such topics as the ones with the doofus in the cowboy hat, or the ones with the doofus doing puppetry. How have you been? Thriving, I hope.

I’m just dropping by to tackily call attention to my friend Eric’s Kickstarter campaign. He wrote a novel! I’ve read it; it’s terrific. You can find it here – and I think you’ll find it delightful:

I had a small part to play in helping Eric bring this book into the world. I did four illustrations for it, and helped him create the cover, as you can see in this instagram reel I made:


I have known Eric since we were in fourth or fifth grade, and I’m just super duper fond of him. If you read WELCOME TO THE ELECTION YEAR WAR: A NOVEL, I bet you will be fond of him too! Like him, it is hilarious, and strange, and sad, and wonderful.

ALSO: Funnily enough, old school Meh heads might be faintly familiar with Eric already! This is him, helping me with a daily video way back in the day. None of his skills as a novelist are evident here, though:

That’s all! Hope you’re doing good! Doing well! Both!