2-Pack: BottleKeeper X or CanKeeper 3-in-1 Double Walled Beverage Insulators

  • Your choice of two insulated bottle holders, two insulated can holders, or one of each
  • The can holder fits ordinary 12 oz cans, the bigger 16 oz cans, or those dumb skinny ones.
  • The bottle holder holds bottles. Any bottle? No, but like…most of them. Don’t get cute.
  • Enjoy sweet label-obscuring discretion
  • Might take us a minute to ship; we’re giving you a lot of combo options on this one and will be trying not to screw it up
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On the Sly

There are some weird decisions you have to make as an adult. Most of them are related to whether or not you’re going to go along with each item in the giant pile of social conventions that make up middle age.

Part of growing into your more or less functional mature self is choosing which “grown up” behaviors turn out to make a lot of sense (flossing) and which are a bunch of crap (pretending to be a lawn care enthusiast just because your neighbor is).

Anyway, on to the part where we talk about day-drinking at your kid’s soccer practice.

If you’ve ever been in the unenviable situation of watching young kids play soccer badly in the sun, you know damn well that if someone on the sidelines cracked a beer, then the prevailing sentiment running through the crowd would be equal parts disbelief, jealousy, and begrudging respect.

Well as much as we’d like to say this little thought experiment culminates with someone being that hero that the elementary school sidelines need right now, that’s probably not what’s actually going to happen. What you imagine ending with the entire crowd standing up in solidarity one at a time like those kids on the desks in that Robin Williams movie probably plays out more like a beleaguered soccer volunteer awkwardly asking you to go finish your 20 oz. can of TurboThot Hard Seltzer in the car.

Yes, sometimes heroism needs to happen in the shadows, where the only one aware of the revolution is you.

Today’s deal lets you mix and match your way to a pair of aggressively discrete insulated drink holders for bottles and/or cans. Because whichever color and design you choose, the message about your drink that you’ll be sending is “none of your damn business” and the only regret you need to harbor is not thinking of this two soccer seasons ago.

Honestly, THIS is what a participation trophy should look like and every parent should get two.

Now get out there. And drink up. No one needs to be the wiser.

Yours in Solidarity,
The Team at Meh

P.S. The above example is for illustration purposes only. Feel free to bring your drink to the park or out walking the dog. Or wherever. Choose your own adventure.

P.P.S. This isn’t going to hold your giant can of TurboThot. You should really back off on that stuff anyway. It’s hell on the kidneys.

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