2-Pack: Anker 18W PowerPort PD 1 USB-C Wall Chargers

  • Two blocky charger things for your big-cord Apple stuff
  • And other USB-C thingies
  • Charging indicator light
  • Foldy pluggy parts
  • 18 friggin’ watts
  • Model: U58C-4-0K
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It is what it is.

We’re not going to spend a bunch of time on what cord this is for, because honestly charging protocols are simultaneously boring and exhausting. (It’s USB-C. There we said it, but that’s all you get.)

Instead, just look at the hole. Look at iiiiiiit.

This is not the elegant little oval from your Apple phone that first set you free from that weird long prickly one that was a holdover from some bygone iPod.

This is not a massive traditional USB that demands that you go through the technological ritual of trying it one way and having it not fit, then trying it the other way and having it not fit, and then realizing that it was right the first time. (Fun fact: that kind of USB was never intended to be the global standard for damn everything, which is why it sucks.)

This is also not for the similarly-annoying “all your not-Apple stuff” hole, which is tinier than the old USB but has its cute little trapezoidish shape that likewise demands that you orient it the right way around, except for that one you can at least see if it’s the right way if you really squint.

Man, we put up with a lot of charging nonsense, don’t we?

Regardless, this is designed for your most power-hungry Apple products. The ones that have that nice, big, oval port that doesn’t care which way you have the plug facing.

Plus, like most accessories that cost less than the Apple version, this has some extra features that those don’t. You get folding prongs for easy travel and, eventually, a compact experience in junk drawer purgatory five years from now. You also get a charging light so that you know that you’re charging. No more checking for that little digital lighting bolt like a sucker.

Not sure if there’s anything else worth saying here. It’s from Anker, who make great stuff.

If you need this, get it. And if you’re getting it, get it from us. Two for under twenty!

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