2-Pack: Aduro 6-Outlet Multi-Station With Dual USB Ports

  • You plug them in and now you can plug more stuff in
  • With USB ports for that modern stuff you own
  • Protect your stuff from the danger of a SURGE
  • A 2-pack!
  • Model: WH0-0UTL3T-TH3-D065-0UTL3T
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Distribute Power

The nice thing about selling something like this is that there’s nobody out there who doesn’t need it. Seriously, you, yes you, the person reading this: isn’t there some outlet in your house that is not currently maximized?

Which almost makes you wonder: why isn’t this standard? And maybe it is. Maybe in swanky new constructions every room has a big 6-outlet-and-2-USB-port cluster. But if they do, I’m not aware.

Which makes me think maybe the outlet makers understand that we’ll never be satisfied. Because if we all had 6-outlet-2-USB-port outlets built into our walls, suddenly we’d be like: you know, I wish I could charge my phone, my tablet, AND my watch. Or: The ambiance isn’t right with only six lava lamps. I need at least one more to really complete the room, you know?

In other words, even if we had a rig like this built into the wall, we’d just plug a bunch of surge protectors into it.

And then the outlet makers would be like, “The people clearly want more outlets!” So next thing you know it’s 12 outlet clusters, 24 outlet clusters, each with a cadre of USB ports.

And still, we wouldn’t have enough! We’d want four-foot long surge protectors, so we could plug in more devices, more lamps, more televisions. And the demand would grow and grow until finally the electricity innovators would be like, “Okay, fine! We’ll do it! We’ll use charging pad technology to make it so the walls and floors of any house will wirelessly power anything.”

And you’ll think, wow, that’s awesome. Until the middle of the night when you’re going to grab a glass of water and you step on your kid’s weird digi-dog toy, shattering it and hurting your foot in the process. And when you’re like, “What did I tell you about leaving stuff like this all over the floor?” your kid would just roll their eyes and say, “I didn’t just leave it around. I was charging it.” And so now you’re the bad guy? You?! Whose only crime was being thirsty in the middle of the night?!

Wait, what’s the product for today again?

Oh, right. These outlet things. Yeah, they’re pretty convenient.

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