18K Gold Filled Diamond Pavé Heirloom Pearl Locket Pendant

  • The perfect gift for that special someone who says, “I want a 18K Gold Filled Diamond Pavé Heirloom Pearl Locket Pendant as a gift”
  • Seriously, just some nice heart shaped pendants with pearls inside
  • If you like things you can wear around your neck, try shirts! Like the ones we sell on Mediocritee
  • Model: ROY683M, ROY452M, ROY079M, after Roy Pearlman, discoverer of the first pearl
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It's Just The Right Thing

Why is it a good idea to get one of these 18K Gold Filled Diamond Pavé Heirloom Pearl Locket Pendants? Because it’s gift-buying season, baby! And there might be someone in your life who just can’t get enough shiny heart-shaped pearl-holding necklaces!

But even if there isn’t, it’s still a smart purchase. Here are three reasons why:

The unwrap this one first gift: Let’s say you’re getting someone a tablet for Christmas. Or a cool new kitchen appliance. Or a vacation to that city in Italy they’ve always wanted to see. Great! You’re killing it! But even if you’ve got one thing that costs enough that it can be ‘an only gift,’ that doesn’t mean you want to have a single present under the tree. You need those few other things that they’ll look at and say, “oh, pretty,” or “huh, neat,” before they eventually unwrap "the Big One.

The oh, wait, they’re coming? gift: Your Aunt Lucinda, who makes a point of discussing, at length and with no shortage of verbal smirk, which all-inclusive she’ll be jetting off to this year for Christmas–she has decided to forgo the tropics for more family time? Then it’s a good thing you’ve got that untouched pendant stashed away. Because could you imagine if she graced you with her presence but you didn’t have a gift for her? You’d never hear the end of it!

The getting to know you gift: Holidays are a great time to see family–your parents, your children, your grandparents, your aunts, your uncles, all of them. But families grow. And that first holiday when one of your adult kids brings their significant others can be awkward. Because you don’t really know these people! So how do you get them a thoughtful gift? Eventually, with more exposure, you’ll get to know them and make more informed purchasing decisions. Until then, you need something that’s a) generic, but b) looks valuable. Like jewelry!

See! This 18K Gold Filled Diamond Pavé Heirloom Pearl Locket Pendant is a great gift for that special someone. Or that other someone. Or just someone.

Or for yourself.

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