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180-Pack: Michel et Augustin Milk Chocolate & Caramel Mini Cookies (12 bags)

  • 180 delish cookies
  • Buttery shortbread, milk chocolate, melty caramel? Friggin’ yum!
  • Best by 3/31/24
  • Are they available in Georgia Red: No, but there’s a special red sale over at the SideDeal-o-Rama
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What's Butter Than This?

What we have here are some cookies, specifically some super buttery shortbread cookies that form a little saucer in which milk chocolate and melty caramel have been poured. You get 12 bags of them, which adds up to 180 cookies, for about $25. In other words, just under 14 cents per cookie. Not bad. The best-by date, btw, is 3/31/24. So, not way far out, but also not, like, tomorrow. (And even if it were, you’d be fine to eat these for a while anyway; the best-by date is not an expiration date.)

Sorry if we seem rushed. It’s just that, they’re cookies, you know? They get good reviews. They taste good and sweet. Not much else is going to sell you on them than that. Which is why we’re devoting this space to highlight the SideDeal-o-Rama currently underway.

That’s right! All day today on our sister site, we’re offering a raucous smorgasbord of sweet sweet savings!

Here’s a complete listing of the sales you’ll find over there:

It’s Time To Grow Up - A whole bunch of stuff for those who are new to the world of adulting! (So new, in fact, that they still use the word ‘adulting.’)

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up - An array of toys and games for children to play with. And for children and adults to play with together. And for adults to play with when the children go to bed. Or for adults to play with any time if they don’t have kids.

Oh Crap I’m Old - An array of products for those of you whose bodies and minds grow more decrepit by the day.

$10 & Under Cheapskate Paradise - You don’t know what you want, but you know how much you want to spend… which is as close to nothing as possible.

Cables, Chargers, Plugs & Other Boring Crap - Umm, see title?

Things That Are Red - For all our friends in Georgia!

There you have it. A whole bunch of cool sales for cool people like you. So order some tasty cookies, head over to SideDeal, and keep the buying party going!

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