12- or 24-Pack: Iwon Organics Protein Cheddar Cheese Puffs

  • So-called protein puffs with an admittedly decent 7g of protein per oz.
  • Your choice of twelve 5 oz. bags or 24 1.5 oz. bags.
  • Cheddar flavored!
  • Best by February 2024
  • Can they make a margarita? They can make a margarita into a workout shake.
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Eye of the Tiger

Buckle up, nerds. It’s training montage time.

Imagine yourself running shoulder-to-shoulder with Sylvester Stallone in Rocky I, air-punching your way through the complementary airborne fruit district in Philadelphia. The music swells.

Rising up, back on the streeeeeet

You pick up the pace, pressed forward by “Eye of the Tiger.”

Did my time, took my chaaaaanceesssss

More air punching. Free orange tossed your way. Nice.

It really feels like you’re there, doesn’t it?



Because it’s all lies.

There was no “Eye of the Tiger” in Rocky I because there was no “Eye of the Tiger” in 1976 when that movie came out.

Call it the Mandela Effect, which is basically when entire swathes of the population become so unjustly confident in themselves that when they get something wrong the most obvious explanation is some sort of hole in the fabric of space. Heaven forbid that you just forgot how to spell Berenstain Bears. And no, you didn’t stumble upon an alternate dimension where the Monopoly man has a monocle. (He doesn’t.) You’re just thinking of Mister Peanut.

Get it together.

Well believe it or not, just like there was no “Eye of the Tiger” in Rocky, there was also no scene where Rocky fueled up for weight training by guzzling glassfuls of protein-packed cheddar puffs. No kidding!

And the reason that ol’ Sly wasn’t gulping down protein puffs is mostly because the concept of protein puffs is pretty ridiculous. These have, like…10 grams of protein. That’s not no protein, but it’s also not really enough to call them “protein puffs,” either. A steak has maybe 50 grams and nobody calls a steak “cow-based protein slices” or whatever.

So no, these aren’t going to wildly redefine your nutritional macros or help you win your rematch against Apollo Creed like in Rocky II (1979✱), buy they’re definitely way less junky than most junky snacks and can probably help you sneak in a few protein grams that you’d otherwise miss.

But mostly they’re just satisfying enough to keep you from mindlessly eating a bag of novelty-flavored popcorn and just healthy enough that you won’t feel super gross even if you do overindulge.

Anyway, we’ve got small bags and we’ve got bigger bags. Your call. Enjoy!

✱A year in which THERE WAS STILL NO “Eye of the Tiger” yet

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