12-Pack: Crystal Light Liquid Acai Berry Bliss Energy Drink Mix

  • This stuff is actually 0% Crystal, just FYI
  • No calories, plenty of caffeine
  • We’re talking about 8 cents per serving, which is cheaper than most energy drinks
  • Model: L16HT-UP-MY-W0RLD
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Energize Your Winter

When you see something like this Crystal Light Liquid Acai Berry Bliss Energy Drink Mix, you probably think about how it might help you get you going in the morning or keep you going throughout the workday. Hell, maybe you’re a student and you could use it to stay up all night writing that paper you probably should’ve started two weeks ago.

But what about having some in the early evening? You know, like that 5-8pm range? Sure, most of the year it wouldn’t make sense to get all juiced on caffeine right after work when all you’re gonna do is eat dinner and relax. But this is not most of the year. This is winter, when it’s dark by the time you leave the office. Therefore, it’s only natural to start thinking about hitting the sack as early as early as 6 or 7 in the evening.

But you can’t do that! Because that’s letting winter win! Instead, you should fight back. How? By mixing yourself a tall glass of Acai Berry Bliss as soon as you get home and then sitting down to watch a good exciting movie. You know, something electric, something powerful, something that’ll leave you buzzing.

What we’re getting at is why not pair your energy drink with an energy film? Such as:

  • Joule Hand Luke
  • Watt’s Eating Gilbert Grape
  • The Hunt for Red Shocktober
  • Electricity Slickers
  • Outlet The Right One In
  • Interview With An Amp-ire
  • The Forever Surge
  • In The Line of Wire
  • Coulomb & Coulomber
  • 24 Killowatt-Hour Party People

Okay, these puns are terrible. And the advice to drink an energy drink when you get home from work is also terrible. But you know what’s not terrible? Getting a whole lot of drink mix for not a whole bunch of money.

So buy some and give yourself a little more energy to get through the cold, dark days and nights of winter.

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