12- or 24-Pack: Iwon Organics Protein Cheddar Cheese Puffs

  • Choose between twelve 5oz bags or twenty-four 1.5oz bags
  • They’re cheddar flavor
  • A very respectable 7 grams of protein per ounce
  • Best by February 2024
  • Favorite show as a kid: Protein Titans
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Say Cheese

Here’s the deal: you can get either 12 big bags of 24 little bags of some cheese puffs that are loaded with more protein than cheese puffs generally have. Like, in one of the 1.5oz bags, there’s only 180 calories and a very respectable 10 grams of protein. That’s five times the amount of protein you’d get in a (1oz) bag of Cheetos.

And, apparently, they actually taste pretty good. Here’s what amazon user Gbpf03 has to say:

I found these snacks at a local market! These are the first snacks with plant protein that doesn’t taste like powdered cardboard. These are delicious and they do fill you up until your next meal! LOVE THESE SNACKS!!

Gets a little intense there at the end but we appreciate the passion, Gbpf03.

Now, since they’re loaded with so much protein, you might think they’d be a great snack to have around if you exercise a lot. And you’d be right. In fact, the only snacks better for someone who likes to work out are snacks that are themselves a workout. We’re talking about such well-known treats as:

  • Wasabi bur-peas
  • Cheez-it-ups
  • Touch your Dori-toes
  • Cheese curls
  • Gold('s gym)fish
  • Yoga-urt-covered pretzels
  • Push-Utz
  • Chichar-runs
  • Bike and Ike’s
  • Lay’s (down, exhausted from doing so many squats)

Yes, these puns are stupid. But these protein cheese puffs are not. They’re good and they’re good for you. So buy some.

(Also, you can still eat them if you don’t work out all the time. We just needed a lead-in for the puns.)

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